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A golden Eid

    Salaamz everyone!!!how are you all today? i hope you are all good , and i hope you have all had a great lovely spiritual ramadan inshallah,this post is structured weird because i feel weird (didnt sleep coz i went tahajjud then i only slept for a couple of hours only :s) anyways that picture is about the perfume that im going to get for eid which is still somewhere in the shop ,because i didnt get it because people have been distracting me until i became broke :S

    ^those are similar to the gold shoes and the gold clutch bag ill be wearing for eid ,because ive started to feel extremly un-colourful (ever since i started wearing abayahs my wardrobe has turned BLACK even though they are embroidered and decorated and whatever its still black and i feel so dull so anyways i wanted to be colourful and got all gold stuff on holiday and those two will be part of my eid stuff)

    this is not similar to anything but its an abayah and therefore shows you that i will be wearing an abayah my aunt got from dubai for eid (for prayers) inshallah and i think the above abayah is hot and not overly decorated and therefore modest and fun enough for eid :)

    ^those are a bunch of arabic dresses from a shop located somwhere because i bought a lovely gold and brown silky satinish embroidered and sequined arabic dress and its soo niice i love it and its gold (you see gold eid and colourful and all that ) i thought id be cool and wear some gold jewelry with it so i was searching through my jewelry stuff (my family members randomly "borrow"and never return my jewelry) so i was getting annoyed because i couldnt find half the stuff i wanted so my mum opened the gold jewelry box and i found some gold (i dont normaly wear gold) stuff to wear and a necklace my dad (Allahyarhamha) bought for me so inshallah ill wear that :)

    ^that is about the fact that my mum and aunt opened a salon somewhere and i dont think its properly complete yet but my best friends mum got her hair done there and its soo lovely so im going to go there and get my hair done and some henna and stuff inshallah for eid and
    for eid im going out with my cousins and like family and grandad is taking us out shopping and cinema and lunch and stuff inshallah
    and im jus looking forward to all those gifts of money
    which reminds me ive bought no gifts for no one yet or cards ive beocme so lazy i used to get people ramadan cards and sent texts and i didnt ,inshallah im going to do it for eid though

    i hope you all have a great Eid and that youve already had a great ramadan
    may allah accept all our good deeds and reward us with jannah

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A golden Eid

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