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    why does everything jus have to happen when you are busy?
    i have spent the last few .......somethings
    doing something to di with school,tuition job thingy, Tajweed classes (failed that)
    then my friends birthday and my broz birthday and my aunt coming back from america
    abd everything came at once
    wallah i dont have any time for anything im being so annoying
    i come on msn
    and it goes sumthin lyk this
    naz: omg i havent see u in ages i missed u
    friend: yeaah naz me 2 u dissapeared
    naz: i knoow im soo busy
    naz: omg im soo sorry i g2g *nvr comes back*
    its so irritating
    now im nt cheking my msn until i can stay for a very long time
    and nw everyone is on msn so ill post when im actually free
    see you all soon
    ill post picks 2

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