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Lets Talk Clothes

    So we are having some sort of "work skills" job thing at school/coll on wednesday right and all lessons are suspended and its a great oppurtunity to meet different people in different careers and find out about what that paticular job entails to figure out if that paticular job is for you or NOT and your thinking thats great right? right

    but heres the catch
    " Dress apropriate for interviews and job appilications must be worn or you will not participate in activities and be sent home".

    er hold on a minute

    what exactly is "dress appropriate for interviews"?

    so theyve said no jeans and hoodies allowed

    somewhere in the middle of my quest to perfect hijabiness (not compelty there yet) i thought itd be quiet clever to ditch jeans unless they are under my abayah but that doesnt count

    so anyways because i dont usually dress like "them" in the first place

    what am i supposed to wear?

    is an abayah innapropriate ? (too Muslim perhaps) or not "smart" i hate that word as if the rest of the time we dress stupid when i asked the tutor she said basically not what you would wear in the weekend
    whats wrong with what i wear in the weekend its not as if i go around with a tutu *rollseyes*

    so ive come to the conclusion that im going to wear a new black and white dress with a black top underneath and some high heel shoes and my leather jacket and headscarf or they can all go 2 hell :p
    i actually know some people who are going shopping because everything is aparently "inapropriate" *sigh*

    anywho me and my sister might "colour co-ordinate" she loves that but we end up confusing everyone and i spend the whole day being called by the wrong name etc so i usually cant be bothered

    ill do it if she really wants to though aah twins lol

    oh and we broke the identical mobile phone record of the year 2


    these last 2 are from my bro

    inshallah ill be around more now

    i really like blogging :)



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Lets Talk Clothes

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