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When A'qilah starts RANTING.

    I don't understand people sometimes.
    WAIT I never understand them anyway.
    I feel "all-over-the-place" right now.

    I have a racist cousin who wouldn't stop picking on me and asking me to stop speaking in Tamil and Hindi just because my Identification Card says I'm Javanese (Indonesian Extract).
    People have issues with my friendship with a Sister.
    My Christian Best friend quarreled with her mother and nearly attempted suicide.
    Her boyfriend (who is also my friend) wants to quit smoking and drinking and has been repeating the same bloody thing for the past 6 months yet he's not doing anything.
    I'm not speaking much to my mother and GOD KNOWS WHY. She's just not happy with me. I seriously have NO IDEA WHY.
    My dad is not helping either.
    I'm having the worst menstrual cramps at 2.35 am and I AM NOT ASLEEP.
    My brother is a bloody nuisance.

    Seriously. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh.
    I need a BREAK.


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When A'qilah starts RANTING.

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