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    I was browsing Facebook; well the profiles of my high school friends that is AND there was this few pics on the class chalet that I apparently missed; CHOSE to miss.

    What was it like back then?
    Everything came back. You know like how the clock will start ticking backwards and you'll start picturing those days; OH THOSE DAYS...

    I sure had my share of fun and laughter and no one said school is easy so I had my fair share of hell.
    I met the most amazing people and the people I never want to have anything to do with ever again.
    I have to say I grew up there.
    That 4 years of High School was the 4 years I learned the meaning of Life; 3 out of which are Jahil years and 1 that turned everything around, Alhamdulillah.

    Yes I made my parents proud and made my parents mad but that's part of an average teenage cycle. I had my share of acquaintance, sure do I had enemies, had my fair share of b*tchy friends and a fair moment of being a b*tch myself. LOL.

    I've been receiving several texts from my classmates informing of class gatherings and all, a reunion kind of thing. I've replied to none and attended none.

    I know this sounds like I'm being a wet blanket but I just don't wish to go back.
    Yes, I do keep in touch with a handful of my friends because I've always been close to them but other than that; I don't wish to turn back.

    Sometimes memories are to be embraced before we move on but instead, I chose the wrong path and I got over those days. To have gotten over something you don't enjoy would mean to fear going back to those times again.

    High School wasn't exactly hell but it was because my last year was more than a hell than anything else for me, I don't wish to have anything to do with my school anymore. This sounds harsh yes but it doesn't mean I'll be forgetting my teachers.

    I had 2 teachers that I love sooo much that I miss them soo much right now if I see them i'll hug them wallah. They had a motherly touch and there was nothing I couldn't talk to them about.
    And they were Muslims; there was no reason to not love them heh.

    Then again there's always a villain in every story aint it? so mine was my Social Studies teacher in the last year. (Insya'Allah she doesn't read this)
    She just loved wallah LOVEDDDDDDD to pick on me. Be it I did her work or not she'll just scold me because she wants to. She embarrasses me in class and her presence was a big stress.
    To add on to it, I wasn't doing well and it was my last year; crucial year that is (GCSEs)

    Because this is a private blogs and the ones reading this are all sisters I suppose I'm posting up my high school days pictures Insya'Allah :)
    WARNING-: School days are Bad Hair days. LOL.

    History Class. omg I was SLEEPING. HAHAHA

    This picture and the rest were all during Graduation Night.

    okay that's all. saalamz peeps :)

    -A'qilah Saiere-

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