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random post

    (sowwi pic removed) :(
    me and my lil couzins ^ :)

    heya guys


    whats up everybody

    how are you all? i love who ever invented blog world coz reading everybodyz blogs is so much fun in a 15 minute break from studying

    so anyways this post is about

    what i have been up2

    1) on saturday morning i woke up with a huuuuge headache like i couldnt even move my head

    subhanallah and told i had 2 go do some stuff at the masjid

    i was there from 11am-6pm but before i left i washed my hair in a desperare attempt to get rid of the headache

    lovely by sarah jessica parker is the best perfume in the universe *aaaaaaaaah*

    2) saturday afternoon- my cousins where at the masjid and they slept over we spent the whole night talking about studying,work, life,fashion , money and something else :p

    then i found some money and bought
    4 magazines pizza, went subway, had another pizza (turkish lahmacun) and bought maryland
    talk about FAT! ohwell

    oh and my mum bought me a whole load of magazines

    3) sunday i attempted to revise for a science exam but my cousins where still here and people came to visit my mum

    in the week long somali baby shower stuff with money and gifts (people leave gifts in random places in the house and u find them when they leave)

    and some one made an awesome chocolate cake it was delicious

    and my cousin started wearing hijab it was reali awesome news coz shes a reali awesome person and she looked wonderfully religious :P
    4)monday did mock physics and chemistry exams and got an A in both now i need 2 pass the REAL one on wednesday

    my aunt came from saudi arabia with abayahs and perfumes and i bought myself a brand new perfume aswell
    my other is aunt is coming from america sometime this week and she bought some clothes and a perfume
    now i think i need 2 go on holiday myself

    ill be visiting my aunt in canada this summer due to a change of plan but anyways
    shes paying 4 the ticket

    wohoo :p
    my friend decided to get me a late birthday gift and due to my obession with books

    like i own ALL THE BOOKS in the house

    and i think libraries are wonderfull place
    bought me 2 books
    love in a headscarf _YEEY i so wanted tht

    and Mayada daughter of iraq for any jean sasson/book fanz
    wait up 4 the reviewz

    and i made my millionth "become a better muslim " resolution so far so good

    i hope
    take care

    love u



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random post

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