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what does NAZ mean?

    aah ima do aqilahz lil quiz
    but itll mean i have 2 bait out my name :O
    ok here goes
    Name: Naz
    Real name dammit: Naz OK OK fine Nasirah :O
    what does Naz mean?
    in my familly dre seems 2 be a little obsession with shortening names and adding
    Z somewhere

    my cousin khadra is called KAZ
    nasirah becomes NAZ
    and my sis Amal becomes Amzi
    dont even ask :p
    naz (every1 always calls me naz my teacher was like Naz what is ur name again? i always call u Naz
    den i was like er hold on lemme remember :p Nasirah :)

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what does NAZ mean?

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