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Suprise? No Thanks especially if it involves hospitals

    Salaamz everyone

    the other day

    whenever it was that i posted my last post as i was sitting on the computer

    just about to log out of blogger and read some quraan

    the phone started ringing, perfectly normal our phone never STOPS ringing

    when i heard my mum screaming something like this

    mum: WHAAT? WHO DIED?

    naz: *carries on reading quraan thinking mum is just being dramatic*


    from the phone: crying and screaming something *inaudiable*

    *at this stage naz finally gets up noticing the conversation full of WHAAT and crying people isnt getting anywhere and takes the phone off mum*

    naz:Rahima? rahima whats rong? why are you crying? are the little kids ok rahima?

    rahima?: crying,aah i dont know mum fainted died i dont know come over

    naz: what? WHAT? rahima calm down breathe we are coming where are the kids stop scaring me whers Aminah?

    rahima: Amina? AAMINAAH i dont know where she is *wailing*

    naz: alright im coming wait

    *now naz is really scared and is trying to decide whether she should pray maghrib or run to the hospital, she chooses pray maghrib but prays the weirdest salah ever whilst crying in the middle of it :S*

    *mum is also crying and is really upset she cant drive and there is no one to look after the baby she cries somemore and makes sure everybody visits the hospital*

    meanwhile naz is still freaking out and trying to take the bus with a grandma thats totally freaked out and metts another aunt , the injured aunt, and my crying cousin at the hospital waiting room surounded by literally TWENTY familly members everyone is staring atn the huge random muslim familly

    naz has exam the next morning but instead of revising is crying in a hospital waiting room

    3 hours later a doctor examines aunty and police come to question her, aunti remebers nothing not even her own name and is having serious concussion

    auntie is finally allowed to go home later that night and we worked out she tripped and banged her head and cut her eye and broke her nose

    very messy indeed

    aunty is still ill and recovering and mum finally decided she cant wait any longer and headed off 2 aunties house

    i was sleeping there last night

    pps: my exam went alright alhamdulilah :)



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Suprise? No Thanks especially if it involves hospitals

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