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Boys Bothering Naz :(

    salaamz everyone

    how are you all today? hopefully you are all great and in the best of health and imaan

    i dont know if you have or havent noticed although i love blogging sometimes i dont blog about the things i really DO have on my mind because unlike fabulous fellow blogger a'qilah i dont feel really comfortable and im the type of person who kinda thinks somewhere deep down if you dont mention or think about the bad things its like they never happened (thats baaaaaaad)

    but although its not nice to walk around depressed all day everyday its im sure equally abnormal to be happy all day everyday (which is what alot of people think i am like)

    seriously what am i talking about?

    ohyeah back to the topic now that this blog is nice and private and can tell you somethings

    a seven months ago i started to like a guy whom ive known for the past 3 years ( i knooow) and i have some guy friends (i knoow shocking init? ;p) infact i have 3 best friends and one of them is a boy but anyways the guy i like is somali and we will call him Hamzah for the purpose of this thing .

    Personal Profile of Hamzah

    Hamzah same age as Naz

    Hamzah really nice Person

    Hamzah Muslim

    Hamzah prays (most guys my age dont do that)

    Hamzah fasts

    Hamzah likes Naz too (bloody smart guy innit :P)

    Hamzah from same country as Naz (wohoo)

    now anyways Hamzah is a really really nice guy and although ive known him for ages it was never a big thing i was friends with his sister whos older then us and who lives in the US and he was just there no biggie you see

    but just as luck would have it we started having the same classes and teachers put us together to work and we started talking etc now bear in mind i always thought he was good looking but i think david backhams good looking im not going to do anything about it

    it was that kind of feeling anyways we started talking and stuff and one day i gave him something to give to his sister and he said he would

    anyways that something had my email adress in it

    one day he asked for my email adress and i gave it to him and we talked and talked general things to be honest and at school and stuff then people started saying things like " ohh they would suit innit?" etc

    anyways fast forward a little he kinda asked me out 3 times and in the end i said yeah ( bt we are nt reali dng anything like kissin ,touchin etcc thought id make tht clear)

    the thing is i DO think we are too young to start a proper serious relationship but i really like the guy and i cant help feeling like im doing something wrong even if i say hi 2 him coz he is "more then a friend" which is what makes things sooooo damn difficult and if he didnt understand or if he wasnt feeling like this either then id probably have some reason to hate him

    but he does understand and i dont hate him

    (anything about never talk to boys etc i know all that)

    also another bad thing happened this guy his name is "samir" anyways samir is my best friends friend and he a cool person etc and we used to talk and stuff now one of my friends "sabah" reaaaliiii likes "samir" (they r muslim2 ) and shes soo brave that girl she actually told him but he wants to just be friends he said

    anyways he thought itd be clever to ask me out and when i politely said no

    he decided to hate me

    he didnt say that ofcourse but aparently he disapears

    doesnt reali say hi anymore

    just mumbles when he talks 2 me and all that is normal

    im soo seatching for some female only uni :P

    lol so yeah thought id share my random confusion

    all non-offensive opinions welcome
    dammit jus comment :P

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Boys Bothering Naz :(

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