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What does your name mean?

    Just a quick random quiz.
    What does your name mean sisters?
    Do you like your name?
    If so why?
    Were you named after anyone?

    Nur A'qilah

    Nur means Light
    A'qilah means Intelligent.
    Yes I love my name :)
    Because I think it's errr....sheessh...errr... oh well I just like it. Because I'm full of myself.LOL..
    I wasn't named after anyone; A'qilah comes from the word "Aqal" which means brain in arabic. LOOOL...
    So i'm supposed to be brainy. I don't think so. Bleh.

    Oh and sisters regarding the Cake recipe. LOL, firstly, thank you for your kind words and compliments :) I accept with much humility and grace. ;)
    The recipe, we didn't really come up with the dough ourselves. LOL. it was more like an instant cake. We bought a Cake Mix.
    Ours was Betty Crocker Cake Mix something like that yeah.
    And erm...
    We only made the icing ourselves which was pretty easy.
    We only used Icing sugar, Egg White, Colouring of Your Choice & A Zest Of Lime Juice and beat it till it turns really fluffy and heavy.
    And of course the fresh fruits to top it ;)

    Okay Bye.
    -A'qilah Saiere-

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What does your name mean?

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