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As Promised... The pictures!! :)

    From Top-: Chappati (Pakistani); Chee Cheong Fan (Chinese); Briyani (Indian); Lontong.

    From the Top-: Salwar Kameez (Pakistani); Sari (South Indian); Qipao (Chinese); Baju Kebaya (Malay)

    Since I'm malay I do know a lil something about my own food and constume :D
    The Lontong is a Malay traditional dish eaten preferabbly during breakfast and on the morning on the first day of Eid (Both Eids).
    This special Dish consists of the Lontong itself which are pieces of rice cakes, together with a home-made gravy called the "lemak" gravy (Cooking's not my thing; don't ask me for the recipe. heh) ; hard-boiled eggs, coconut floss, fried beancurd as well as "sambal tumis" or chilli paste as seasonings and sides :)

    Trust me, it's awesome :D

    The Kebaya; is a Malay Traditional Costume usually worn by dancers during Malay tradition dance performance in functions. It is also worn by the common people during Eid where everyone dresses up to their best as well as during weddings.
    The top is usually made of satin cloth with intricate embroidery on it. The bottom is a loose piece of cloth called the BATIK *google it*


    As promised there you have it; the pictures! :)

    -A'qilah Saiere-

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As Promised... The pictures!! :)

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