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    just wondering if anyone celebrated the islamic new year on sunday? ok and i just love that kid ^

    well i tried to celebrate for the first time ever and i have to say it wasnt that great for my first time attempt at celebrating the islamic new year (usualy i dont knw when it is) but my first ever islamic new year went like this

    wake up at 10am wondering whether my aunt is still planning to go to that palestine demonstration we was talking about last night or if she cant be bothered at 12 pm in the afternoon i thought it was "morning" and had to quickly get dressed so i can meet my aunty and cousin at the bus stop outside my grandmas shop when i had to explain to an african woman what "bkhoor" is and hoping i didnt miss the bus with my aunt and cousing inside after all that i boarded the bus and ended up in oxford circus (the other side of town) and was tempted to miss the demonstration and go shopping but i was really determined i wanted to shout at the jews so we tried getting to the RIGHT side of town little did we know that because of the great numbers of the demonstrators (mashallah) the entire road has been closed and all the buses went on "diversion" by now i was really getting tired when i saw a jewish man and just swore at him for making me go through all this in such a cold day too (not very good of me i know but i wasnt feeling very reasonable) on one of the buses that was supposed to take us to the right place we met 2 sisters who like us didnt know where they were going (not everyday muslim teenagers go to the ISRAELI embassy of all places) but for some reason through the whole time we was "together" they kept walking right ahead of us and in the end we had no idea where they went

    when we was just about to give up we decided to take the train instead and found the demonstrarion at 4pm when it was supposed to finish but by 6 ocklock it wasnt over YET and i got to the front chanting things when a woman started taking pictures (some journalist) after we ran out of breath and things to chant and got cold we decided we would FINALLY go home but my aunt and cousin wanted us to go home with THEM and spend the night we went to have dinner at a morrocon resturaunt and then went home we ordered chicken and chips for my cousins who were already at home then went to the shops to buy sweets cakes muffins crisps and drinks (not jewish related) from the local turkish shop
    after that my cousins and I watched a very good movie in my opinion called "what a girl really wants" and another one called " its a boy girl thing" and before we knew it, it was 3am and time to go to bed
    not that we did any sleeping we talked some more until the sun nearly came up and we fell asleep mid conversation the next morning i went to visit my best friends who live quiet close to my cousins and stayed there until it was time for them to go tajweed class to the mosque (which is close to MY house) and we driven there by my mum
    happy be-lated islamic new year to all of u

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