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A ruined History (salaamz)

    heya guys its naz asalamu aleikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu
    OMG i missed you guys
    but im just a teeny bit upset today/tonight
    i have just witnessed the worst elections in history
    it was the somali presidential elections today in Djbouti and there were 2 main candidates
    candidate 1)
    Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed (self proclaimed sheikh might i add)
    and candidate 2)
    Nuur Hasan Hussein Nur Ade
    the first was a member of the random militiant "islamic" group who took over somalia and introduced "sharia law" (nuthin against sharia bt it wasnt used properly) for like6 months in somalia before they were overthrown
    and the second is the Prime minister (now former) who managed to kick out and unwanted president and unwanted Ethiopian forces out of Somalia
    and the first guy won
    and nw we will be celebratin a false inauguration of a random unwanted president
    (only members of the parliment were alowed to vote)
    *btw all this is nazs random opinion and no one has to agree with anything i just said*
    but yeah im pretty sad i dont even mind whos president
    i just want peace and prosperity for all the muslims wherever they are in the world
    and inshallah itll come about
    may allah help our muslim brothers and sisters in somalia and across the world
    lots of luv
    (btw nxt tym i cum bck ill be hapier nd hve good news inshallah) :D

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A ruined History (salaamz)

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