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Sisters In Islam

    salaamu aleikum
    i just wanted to share a little something about me with all of you
    by gods grace one day a couple of years ago i thought its not enough to just say im a muslim and not cover properly not pray not fast listen to music and do whatever everyone else is doing the only difference with me was that unlike so many of the non practicing muslims lately i didnt defend what i did and say things like "you dont have to wear hijab" and the do the whole "moderate muslim" thing i agreed with everyone else but i just didnt do the things i supposedly "agreed" with and on a visit to my uncles house one amazing summer holiday i found islam my religion from birth i found it in full as a whole i mean i was already thinking about being more religious due to events that took place on one fatefull ramadan but i didnt act upon my thoughts and wallah i can truly say ive never had a better summer then that summer i spent learning islam because i didnt spend it shopping wasting money buying things or going on holiday i spent it reading the biography of the prophet muhammad sallalahu aleihi wa salaam and it was the best thing i have ever read so that by the end i was crying and when people asked me why i was crying i said "the prophet died" and they were looking at me like "is that news?"
    but it was news to me i realised only then i didnt know the prophet i claimed to love
    i didnt know what he went through to bring islam about i didnt know about his brave and beautifull companions i didnt know about the mothers of the beleivers i didnt know ISLAM i didnt know the best faith in the world the fastest growing religion in the world my deen my life my islam
    but alhamdulilah my uncle is very religious his house is like an islamic library he supplied me with dvds and books on islam and because i enjoy reading books i swapped my romantic novels and teenage books for books on hadeeth and they had a better effect on me
    i spent that entire summer under the tree in the garden reading about islam
    for the first time i was reading the quran notbecause i have mosque or because my mum said so but because i wanted to read it i listened to what i was reading i understood
    and it made me soo happy i was praying doing sunnah fasts in SUMMER
    reading and not listening to music though everyone was listening to it around me and my cousins were thinking their fun loving cousin has turned into a nun over summer after that summer islam became a genuine hobby i began to cover and dress apropriaetely pray and my love for the ummah increased i realised it wasnt just a religion full of words but it was a way of life and more importantly it was to be MY way of life
    i have never been more gratefull to be a born muslim because i dont think in addition to fighting the shaitan telling me i was becoming boring doing old people stuff covering like im 80 i mightve not being strong enough to fight my family too but alhamdulilah they were very supportive (minus my bro calling me taliban or wteva :P)
    so anyways after "finding islam" again i realised that islam didnt finish there islam is a religion with so much knowledge to gain from but for some reason i didnt do anything with this thought by chance i was invited by a sister to join a halaqa where i met some of the best practicing sisters who were young and fun and knew where i was coming from and didnt make me feel like such a weirdo as we were reading hadeeths and discussing the wives of the prophets and tips on making sure we did islamic things everyday like dhikr before we go to bed and things some new sisters joined our halaqa one of those sisters was a sister who came with
    with2 of her sisters she was a somali sister who just returned from egypt where she went to al azhar university for islamic studies but then changed to al fajr university to study islam hadeeth fiqh islamic sciences and arabic mashallah for a year she took a year off college to do this and at first her parents were against this but alhamdulilah she managed to make her dream come true
    she reminded me of the hadeeth of the prophet sallalahu aleihi wa salam where he said that , “Seeking knowledge is compulsory upon every Muslim and Muslimah,” (Ibn Majah #240, the hadith is sahih). so i thought to myself i want to take a course in islamic studies but i cant do it here in england what with school but also because i really want to be around muslims and learn fusilia arabic (quranic arabic) which is kind of different from "modern" arabic that i thought i would do what the sister has done i told my parents and they said " we will see"
    anyways the time that i picked for doing this is coming soon and its next year and i was discussing with my mum about post poning it until after university but a sister here made a point about trusting allah and doing things solely for his sake means he wont let you down alhamdulilah thank allah for my beautifull sisters who keep having wonderfull ideas and encouraging me to do whats right repeatedly
    inshallah i wont post pone it i will go study my deen in the hope of becoming a better muslimah may allah make me and my sisters able to do this for the sake of him only

    thanks for reading
    salaamz :)


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Sisters In Islam

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