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Cook/eat your way to Happiness

    hoow are you all?
    i hope you have all been great
    i havent been up to that much for the last 2 days except from eating we got invited to a barbeque party today so ive been eating and talking all day but admitedly i had more fun today then yesterday i thought i was going to die of boredom yesterday (got invited to a house where everyone fell asleep) and that was quiet boring but today was more fun visited people ate lovely food and talked alot
    it seems like my familly here are quiete keen on food and cooking
    and someone is always cooking something or ordering something
    and any idea of fun involves food
    lol its fun but im extremly worried for my weight
    i do NOT want to be labelled the "fat twin" when people try and tell us apart
    but damn is the food delicious and everyone will get offended if you dont "try" their food
    "try" means eat an entire plate minimum and they keep saying "its alright your on holiday"
    anyways im going to go out now
    i havent gone out properly in two days and i might go to a theme park next week with my brother my cuzin and his friend
    though i dont think my brother wants me to come
    too bad his friend invited me
    and is paying for me ;p
    salaamz every1

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Cook/eat your way to Happiness

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