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So Beautiful

    Salaaaaaaaamz everyody
    i cannot beleive im saying this im in love with this place i like it soo much
    considering i didnt even want to come here to begin with
    we went and had lunch in a huuge shopping mall with an unpronounanable french name and later we visited the eiffel tower and and went for a walk around the river and took pictures on my cousins camera and then later we went to a concert where a somali singer as performing and it was soo much fun
    the city is soo totally beautiful
    theres a lot of great stuff here and im enjoying seeing the family i dunno why but this year
    everyone came to paris all my cousins and stuff and its fun having everyone around
    but damn im gng to get fat everyone is always ordering either take away or going to a cafe or having lunch out or doing something
    im going to go swimming tomorrow and we are having a barbeque party (what did i say about the food) and i wanna go cinema there seems to be alot of great movies out
    i think its nice that we are only staying for a couple of weeks because we seem to get more done when we stay for long we end up generally being bored
    and i saw my cousin who i havent seen in 4years and we are catching up on 4 years worth of gossip :p
    we plan to finish off when she comes to england with us
    yet im already slightly home sick
    (i must be the worlds biggest london fan)
    i recomend paris to all of you readers
    the should pay me for such great advertisement
    its great though :)

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So Beautiful

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