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    im guessing u all want something u didnt already know so lemme think see and edit wen am dne
    !) i changed my name from Sawda to Nasirah when i was two years old i was not conscious of what i was doing i just generally hated my name and refused to answer to it one day i was asked what id like to be called and i said Nasirah

    2) im older then my sister by two minutes and am hugely proud of this fact coz it means i get 2 say "yeah bt am older den u and therefore cannot move my limbs get me a drink" :P

    3) im terrified of all animals and anything non-human unless its like a useful machine and once i chose running into the road where there was a car zooming over walking beside a dog (yep genius i know)
    4) ive imagined how ill die before and could not come up with anything other then car accident so i cross the roads really carefuly for a teenage person (noo dont hate me im nt completly mad)
    5) i met my dream guy like a million years ago and realised he was my dream guy last semptember
    6) the stuff i like changes really quickly 4 nw perfumes,holidays and abayahz tho dey r black and all facial products massages and i reali love my nails alot alot alot
    7) my mum once thought i was anorexic as my weight has all been "below" whatever it was meant to be body mass whatever and now after like 18 years i got it to "average" and i feel flaming FAT
    8) i rejected an awesome offer to live in the USA coz i cudnt stand being in the same country as george bush especially not when he ran it (U AINT GETIN MY TAXES)
    9) Im extremly anti-jewish and no one can like change my mind and anti-jewish theories (jews israel sme thing)
    10) i realli love my friends i love ur blog stories and i love aqilah :)

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