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Twin thing +homesickness and great shopping and what boredom does to people

    Salaamz everyone yet again
    how are you all? inshallah your good
    im soo proud of myself regularly updating OUR blog which aqilah never shows up in *HINT HINT* :P
    anyways yah what have i been up2
    the last couple of days i didnt do THAT much (nealry gt pneumonia from a waterfight):P
    and babysitted stupid kids
    anyways i went out today and bought some niice stuff the shopping here is great i swear tí bought a dress a bag some shoes and a jewelry set so that was very nice
    however im sooooo extremly twin sick
    i swear and for some unknown reason i keep seeing loads of twins
    (3 sets so far) lol so i miss my twin and for some reason the phone to africa is soo retarded
    the connection just goes and due to extreme boredom
    i took
    highly strange pictures of me making weird faces and sent them to my friends
    yeah to be honest i dont really have much to say just trying to do a lot of things before we go back home im meeting up with my cousin who i havent seen in 5 years tommorow so im looking forward to that
    wallah so weird how time flies
    and im really looking forward to eid (and its not even ramadan yet):)
    anyways hope ur all having a great time

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Twin thing +homesickness and great shopping and what boredom does to people

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