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New House :)

    my mum had a baby recently and she was talking about buying a new house for a while
    but my mum talks about loads of things so anyways i didnt think she was and then on friday she did we are going to move in after we come back from france but the house is amazing i mean when we moved into this house i loved it and then now i love the other one (coz i get a bigger room)
    anyway this house is slightly bigger then the one we currently live in
    it has 3 floors to it and 6 bedrooms 2 bathrooms a huuge kitchen 2 living roms and a dining room and 2 garden areas and the master bedroom is soo big
    and an indoor garden area thing (now we can have an indoor pool)
    we had an outdoor one
    god u cant imagine what stupid disgusting things get into outdoor pools
    its about £400,000 though the one we currently live in is cheaper
    houses here are so damn expensive and so damn small and people like have 2 convert two houses into one so i think that house is a pretty good bargain

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New House :)

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