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Went to The Airport

    hey salaamz everyone

    guess what everyone finally left and my twin sister went on holiday without me for the first time ever

    and yeah i stayed here without her for the first time ever and it wass soo freakin emotional lol

    and it wouldve been more emotional if we werent all so freakin tired

    we went to sleep 4am the"night" before and then we woke up at 10 and we like did facials and henna and weird stuff and started seriously packing (me helping) because the night before hwe was packing me and her and my cuzins just wore the clothes and did a fashion show with them to help "decide" what 2 take

    and then we watched american tv shows and talked anyways we had fun but later the packin and stuff was a bit rushed and stressful and we travelled 2 de airport i hte travelling

    i get car sick lol den we stayed in the airport 4 ages hangin out in starbucks and i was emotional coz every1 was gng on holiday for de whole summer bt me lol

    nd den my aunt sed oh bt its alryt we r going france in 12 days and well have more fun then them so yeah

    i came home 2 my aunts house from a long train ride through like the whole of london from the airport reali late and we had our dinner at a resturaunt before we went home and we watched some video of us ages ago wen i was a baby nd cute nd my aunt was lyk ur only wtchin tht because ur sister left innit? and then i went oall sleepy and dying and called my cuzin before falling asleep excuse my english today

    after wards in de mornin de house was a bit borin nd i was like i dont know i put on a dress and straightened my hair and put on perfume and makeup and stuff for no aparent reason u see what boredom does to people and then my grandmother was like:

    grandma:aww u look so pretty today 2dai like a princess u should dress like amore often bt no you dress so weird usually with trousers nd puffy things wt are they called ? tracksuits nd weird tops a3udbillah

    but atleast ur better den khadra (my cuzin) she dresses weird infront of her husband 2 u just stick to dressing weird infront of ur brother who dresses weird himself i mean he wears earings YA RAB

    me: lool ok ayeeyo (grandma)

    grandma: yes who has heard of girls wearin trousers and boys wearin earings oh these western people making u guys crazi a3udbillah wat weird grandchildren i have ofcourse its because all ur parents r weird and u shd reali learn 2 cook b4 ur husband starves


    anyways yeah

    thats all from naz


    naz :)

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Went to The Airport

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