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I LOVE it soo far

    salaamz everyone

    wassup dudez im in..........PARIZ (well thts hw naz spells it)

    and ok

    the travel was from HELL we left our house at 2:00am in the morning and got the airport at 3:00 and were torutred at the airport until 5 and the plane left at 6:15 when we spent two hours in the plane been bored to death and i nearly went deaf when the plane was gng down as i my ears hurt alot

    then it took us AGES to travel to the house my aunts familly live here

    and theen as soon as we got in my bro and my lil cuzin said we r gng out come with us so i did

    i went to visit my uncle and they had family over who were from america and doing like a european family tour

    (they said europe is better then america so HA americans :p)

    bt they were leaving the same day as we arrived but they were going in the night

    so we hang out took pictures and went out like the whole day shopping (with my cuzin) and parks and admiring the random scenery

    and i found BEAUTIFULLL cheap islamic dresses and perfumes and shoes and bags ohmygod i cudve just died :P and then like later tht evening i tried some french food and ice cream ( i nvr try french nd chinese food)

    and then i went home to the family i was staying with and we watched erm guess what

    MYRNA WA KHALIL on arabic satelite (im tht adicted) and the people love the show so we had a nice time watching it and some english tv programmes and stayed up all night

    (tht meant i didnt sleep for 48 hours+)

    and today my bro and my cuzins went to an all u can eat resturaunt which is like jus opening today but like i said im definetly not going to a french all u can eat resturaunt lol

    my bro took de damn camera yesterday but if i get it ill take pics

    im gng central today and meeting up with my cuzin whos gng back to england with us after these 2 weeks

    i reali love the shopping here

    oh ok my aunt just invited me somwhere

    so salaamz guys




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I LOVE it soo far

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