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Ramadan Is Near!! <3رمضان‎

    Asaalamu Aleikum everybody
    this post is about the lovely time of the year called RAMADAN and this is a special time of year
    obviously¨because its first of all the time of year when the quraan and all other holy books were revealed to´the prophets of Allah aswell as been a time where we all get the chance to redeem ourselves and do good in this month filled with great blessings anyways inshallah there will be many oppurtunities to do good this ramadan
    and we shall all try to embrace them
    and its such a great way to stop old bad habits ie smoking
    and a chance to be fasting all day and praying all night (taraweeh+tahajud) and if youve never been to those prayers go and try them
    eat suhoor for extra ajr
    and to all the mums and women and whoever cooks in everybody,s household
    its great to eat lovely food
    but dont spend your whole day cooking up a feast
    read quraan go to a halaqah listen to an islamic talk via the internet or the tv
    and dont cook/eat more then neccesary
    i hope you all have a great ramadan though us innocent people in the west will be fasting for soooo many hours lol
    naaz :)

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Ramadan Is Near!! <3رمضان‎

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