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Lets get Creative with photography *yeey*

    Seeing as im probably the least creative person in the world except maybe when it comes to writing (im more science,english,history "academic" subjects person) i fell in love with photography coz its a way that i can try to be creative without like using my hands to draw disturbing thing -i reali cant draw anyways i dunno but at some point i started seeing photography as an art ull be amazed how light and angle and space can change a photograph and make it a wonderfull work of art so when i got offered the chance to be a "photographer" for the day i definetly picked up my cannon camera new batteries and a new memory card and set out to take amazing pictures of all the activites going on around me
    thats why when everyone goes on holiday i ask them to take pictures and they never listen to me or take pictures of the breath taking landscape all around them
    its a great way to apreciate beauty
    *try it this summer*-take a pic of the beach the outside of ur home the shade under a palm tree the view of your city- a babys innocent face
    something beautiful
    something simple
    something inspirational
    i also took part in a creative writing task writig poems about love,dreams,home and peace but collectively and had a lot of fun
    im most excited about 2moro ill go with a journalist to some debates and make some jewelry with a REAL FASHION DESIGNER and stuff
    if i make something remotely succesful ill share it with you
    but i did warn you about my creative skills

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Lets get Creative with photography *yeey*

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