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Ramadhan in Singapore

    I dont know why the stupid blogger isnt alowing me to post pics up. sigh.

    I had proper pretty pics to show what it's like here in Singapore during Ramadhan but sadly just sadly blogger is being some really mean zionist and not allowing me to upload my pics cos im muslim :( lol

    Anyway, How are you sisters? Hope Ramadhan's treating everyone pretty well :)
    Here in singapore, Ramadhan is more of a festive mood than anything. We have Ramadhan Bazaars in two parts of the country - Geylang serai (better known as the Malay Village) & Arab Street and these streets are lit up with pretty pretty lights. (you know like how they'd light up the streets for christmas?) and banners are already up in every estate, wishing the Muslims "Eid Mubarak" :D

    My college's muslim students' society is organising a Ramadhan camp with an Iftar event collaborated with a Mosque and an Orphanage. I'm in the organising committee and alhamdulillah everything's going well. I'm pretty excited about it heehee :D MashaAllah my first proper active Ramadhan!! I really hope it keeps getting better :D

    Now pray that blogger gets well soon and becomes Muslim again so i can upload my pretty pics :)

    till then, Salam :) Ramadhan Kareem!!

    P.S Malays write the best eid songs EVER.
    Listen to this one (though you don't understand lol)


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Ramadhan in Singapore

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