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Ramadan Happenings

    salaamz everyone

    how is ramadan going for you?

    my ramadan has been tiring and busy but i havent been that hungry which is a miracle

    but ive been thirsty

    amzi and my cousins came back from holiday and we always have people either sleeping over or over for iftar atleast so since i cant cook nil i have to clean up most of the time

    but ive also attempted to help with the cooking twice

    (cutting vegetables):P and ofcourse eating the food our fast here is pretty long for about 17 hours it finishes at around 8:10pm so after iftar its not long until taraweeh so we kinda stay up all night until fajr and sleep all day until like 3 atleast then start making iftar

    lol yesterday i went shopping but not fun shopping more like food shopping and it was soooooo Hott and i nearly died due to lack of fanta or pepsi or coke or any other highly tempting fizzy drink and i was so thirsty i would even drink milk and i really hate milkim typing this and theres about 40 minutes left until iftaar *yeeey* and they made the kitchen so messy *boo* im trying to finish the quraan this ramadan too inshallah :)

    last year i lost track of it about midway :(

    and for some reason i feel so much calmer and just blessed for everything that i have (i.e food ,health,life ,islam) and i guess thats the purpose of ramadan

    may Allah Azawajal forgive us all

    i really love ramadan

    what have you been up2?



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Ramadan Happenings

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