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    So I went to watch the movie "Orphan" yesterday and it was properrrrrrrrr scary. i swear.

    Okay it's not exactly a horror movie, more of a thriller but gosh, after the movie I felt as though I just survived a heartattack yallah.
    The starting was slow, like proper slow - yeah so slow that my friend commented "Gosh, this is boring. When is the thrill going to start" but i sweaaaaaaaaar, the minute the "Orphan" came into the movie, GOSH! It was non-stop thriller.

    Gross & Gory as hell but for sure a good plot.
    The actors and actresses were superb. I'd rate it a 3.5/5 or even a 4/5.

    Pretty good movie to me, Catch it!!

    Oh wait, NOT for the weak at heart yeah.



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