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One of them days

    lol today i woke up and i coudlnt find my books so i kind of turned my bedroom upside down
    my nails looked a bit messed up so i tried to fix them i didnt have breakfast i actually wanted a cup of tea but i didnt even have enough time for that i left the house carrying a million and one things and my mum said I had 2 take out the trash out of all the people that reside in this mad house so i took it out the weather took it upon itself to be horrible as usual and i was freezing cold but i FINALLY managed to get to school and when i did i went to a unusually long registration/form room/home room whatever whoever is reading this calls it
    and the teacher was talking nonsense i was thinking about the fact that i had 3 hours of health and social care today (bad news) and i even left my stupid bag in form and went to my lesson only to realise i have no bag i went back re-tracing my steps and i coudlnt find my bag and i started thinking of all the possible culprits who would want to steal a bag full of books (none)
    so i went to my stupid form room which was locked then i went to look for my form tutor who was too busy dancing (shes a dance teacher) to help me in this strange situation (kinda embarasin to say hey u seen my bag? lyk wth)
    after 2 hours which i spent on the computer reading aljazeeras website on any new information in palestine instead of studying health and social care (my teachers werent there) we had a break and i went outside to meet my friends i havent seen some of them since the holidays but i was too worried about my bag to say hi properly
    Finally one of my best coolest and calmest friends found it for me (it was in my form room after all) and i could relax
    afterwards i went to the chicken and chip shop with my cousin when the man that worked there thought it would be a good idea to try and hit on me (i cant imagine why)
    and my cousin who i was with twisted her ankle and i escorted her to the hospital on our way there a woman was grumbling about immigrants while staring at us (who said we were immigrants) and she kind of started an argument with me when i finally got home i came home to a bunch of my mums "friends" puttng henna on and taking over the entire house
    i came to the computer to blog about it and to save myself from making endless cups of tea
    plus this blog seemed deserted these days because poor sis qilah has alot on and is getting her exam results soon and school just re-opened in my side of the world
    anyways salaamz
    take care :)

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One of them days

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