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Busy busyy beee (ew i hte bees nd animals)

    Salaamz All!! :) as you can see i havent blogged in a little while ( apart 4rm de confused post i just did now) anyone miss me? probably not :P but yeah ive been a bit busy with school and things but even though ive been busy ive actually had a nice time got to spend more time with my friends and catch up with loads of work but today we had a "cultural food morning" for all the people who are doing a "health and social care" course well anyways my aunt made samosas for me to take in to school and i ended up eating loads of different foods from random places turkish spanish carribean and my utter favourite PAKISTANI one of the brothers really did make an effort and brought real nice stuff in

    (samosas i made loads and didnt even get to eat much they mustve been nice :P)

    but anyways last night while i was busy putting together a terrible presentation on the persecution of jews ( like i care about jews uff the word makes me angry) i got to speak to one of my most awesome friends who lives in the UAE who i havent spoken to in AGES and it was soo much fun tho i did sleep late and couldnt wake up and just to top it off this morning my history teacher wasnt even there so i just talked and played games with my friends and didnt have to talk about jews :)

    afterwards i went to my best friends house but she had to go to her aunts so i stayed there for a while and went to my cousins house then me and my cousins went to a lecture (an awesome one) and some of my other friends wre there so we had lots of fun just listening to the lecture

    it was about boys and girls and being sensible etc then talking about it lol

    one of my friends was so inspired she said she will break up with her "boyfriend" lets see shall we lol but yeah now i watched aljazeera and all i have to say is

    FOR being an awesome brave muslim country worthy of the name and standing up for the palestinian cause and the just cause may allah reward you and may the country remain an awesome and prosperous country

    and im disapointed with egypt and saudi :(

    oh and while we are at the politics im so happy the stupid occupying ethiopian forces backed by a unwanted somali "goverment" have left the country and the traitor goverment fallen the somali people are happy and the radio wont stop playing patriotic songs please pray 4 somalia

    :) (i love somalia 2 ) :)

    but yeah hope u all had a nice day or week

    enjoy ur weekend


    and salaamz

    4rm NAZ :D

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Busy busyy beee (ew i hte bees nd animals)

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