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Lovely gifts :)

    dont you love it when alot of people from your familly go on holiday around the same time?

    because that means you get alot of gifts when they come back

    my awesome stepdad went away to north somalia/somaliland for like a month and he came back yesterday (i swear for a man he has great taste)

    he bought me the most beautifull dress ever im so pissed i lost the stupid wire so i cant take a pik on my fone and post it here :(

    and my grandmothers sister (my grandmother) is staying at saudi arabia makkah for like shes been there ages and shes coming back to england and she asked me what she should get me and i said an abayah

    (my latest obsesions are rings abayahs and henna)

    and she has great taste also cant wait to see what shes gotten for me :)

    i am loving the silk abayahs in white :)



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Lovely gifts :)

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