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Watch what you don't understand?

    Wasalaams all. I hope all you readers are in the best of health and the highest of deen.

    Just read Naz's last post on celebrating the Islamic New Year. Mine was pretty simple. Woke up close to Zuhr, prayed and left the house 2 hrs later to meet my uncle for "lunch cum dinner". I told you everyone wanted to treat me for my birthday, he was one of them.
    1 Muharram 1430 was also 28-29 Dec 2008. So my B'day was on the 29th so he wanted to give me a lil treat. So the lil treat ended up as a feast, AS USUAL. :S was in no mood to eat so i merely had steak and left the rest of the dishes for them to eat.
    Rushed home so i could meet up with daddy before left for the Mosque and so he ould bring me along, but oh well, MISSSSED HIM by 10 minutes. GRRR. so ended the day by reading the "End of Year" and "Start of the Year" Dua at home.

    Anywayyyy that wasnt what i wanted to write about.
    Just a random question, How many of you watch movies of languges you do not speak in?
    Like for example, I don't speak hindi (Trying hard to learn it) but I watch Hindi Shows. I don't speak tamil (Eventhough my best friend speaks Tamil) but I watch Tamil Movies, I don't speak Chinese (Well I do, just the basics) and I watch every chinese serial on tv. LOLS

    I was just wondering how many of you are like me seriously. Because I'm starting to think I'm weird. I listen to Arabic, Turkish, Hindi, Tamil and just recently Somalian (Thanks to Naz) But I understand nothing.
    Well the Hindi part I do understand but other than that, don't even think about it. LOLS.

    Though so, I feel a joy in listening to something I don't understand because it makes me wanna learn that language. SERIOUSLY, I pick up languages by watching Movies with the help of English subtitles.
    But what's weird is, I DO NOT LIKE TO WATCH MALAY MOVIES. Indonesian movies are still alright for me but, if you do see me watching a Malay movie, I'm usually not alone because half of the time I'm forced to.

    SERIOUSLY, I think Malay Movies are crap. But then again, I do love my language. It's really beautiful I must say :)

    Malay's really simple, it's in latin alpha so it makes it so much easier to learn.
    If any of you need conversational Malay lessons do not hesitate to come to me insy'Allah I can give ya basic tuition. (LOLS, No fees don't worry)

    ANYWAY, so yeah, Like how I was saying, I was watching a tamil movie yesterday and I foud myself saying "HAHA, Typical Tamil Movie"
    and when I watched a Hindi Movie, I found myself saying "LOLS, typical Love story in Bollywood"
    and when I was watching my Chinese Drama, I was predicting what was going to happen the next epid.


    it's either the directors are getting less creative or I'm tooooooooooooooo used to watching them all.

    I'm in the midst of boycotting Bollywood btw, because it's influential and it makes girls like me THINK about the arrival of a perfect Prince Charming to rescue a damsel in distress. So imma not be that damsel because there is no perfect guy. :)

    ** Sings Anbe En Anbe (It's a tamil song, I have no freaking idea what I'm singing); (turns to best friend and asks for translation.**

    [she always refuses to give me the translation to ANY song because she say translating it in English spoils the beauty of her language. PRICK. LOLS]

    -A'qilah Saiere-

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Watch what you don't understand?

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