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S-O-M-A-L-I-A - اللهم أنصر إخواننا في الصومال

    salaamz everybody yeah this post is all about....................SOMALIA!! (yes i am in love)

    you see for a "diversity" programme 10 students have been instructed to pick a country and do an entire project like thing on it and naz chose...cum on guess :P yeah SOMALIA

    ok why i chose it is pretty simple ONE because its my country (or my parents country etc)

    TWO coz i love it ( especially the beach) and THREE coz it wouldnt be hard to do a project on it because i would have information that you wouldnt really find if you went and did "research" (my grandmas stories) and traditional items etc and proffesional photos (yeah right)

    so anyways i thought id just show you some of the things included

    they are

    TRADITIONAL CLOTHING of nomadic somali females ages ago (worn by nt so nomadic girls below) called "guntiino"

    more wedding and i think its supposed to be traditional (for a muslim country the traditional clothes are nt very islamic:( :( ) called a "dira3/dirac" ( c in somali is equivalent to arabic 3eyn)

    ohyeah it also features food

    dunno how to explain what somali food is like but if you want to know go to its won the best UK muslim resturaunt or something

    (i think my mums food is better)

    (pick taken at a random somali resturaunt in somalia)

    aswell as random places and pictures

    like Mogadishu mosque ^ ( the big one)

    Djbouti coast (i love djbouti) :)

    and Hargeisa city (north somalia)

    oh yeah and checkout this awesome mug i swear these days you can get mugs for just about anything lol

    i bought one of these after having an ice cream at a random shopping Mall in London where i live lol

    cool huh?

    i better ace dis project thing :D



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S-O-M-A-L-I-A - اللهم أنصر إخواننا في الصومال

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