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A'qilah's 10 things.

    I'm tagging myself :)

    1) I have Dental-Phobia. I just HATE going to anyone who wishes to mess around with my mouth.

    2) I have a personal obsession with doctors :) <3 I love clinics and hospitals; not because people die there but because people are saved :D I WANNA MARRY A DOCTOR. Lols Insy'Allah :)

    3) I love kids, mash'Allah babies especially! I can't help saying "AWWWW CUTE!" when i see babies even on the streets.

    4) I spend all my savings on Hijab and shawls. LOL.

    5) I love to eat but it seems that I don't really gain weight much, as in I don't get fat :) Alhamdulillah<3

    6) I love to speak and when I hear something from someone that is against my beliefs; I love to resist and stand up for my rights. That is why sometimes my best friend hates me. LOL.

    7) I have thing for writing. When my word document starts working Insy'Allah I will post up one of my write-ups/essays.

    8) I used to hate watching the news but ever since I fell in love with Palestine, news have been the only thing I watch when I switch the TV on.

    9) I speak mandarin. So if you're thinking of insulting me in Mandarin; think twice :)

    10) I love FLOWERS! Many of my friends aren't really aware of this :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE FLOWERS. Haven't got one at all from anybody. LOL. it's ok I will buy myself a daisy to please myself :p

    Ok that's somewhat some stuffs about me.
    And if some sisters are just wondering, I did pretty alright for my GCSEs and Alhamdulillah, thanks for your prayers! :D

    A'qilah Saiere :)

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A'qilah's 10 things.

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