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A'qilah's going BONKERS!

    SORRRYYY I HAVENT BLOG! Lols... I've been toooo busy Subhan'Allah.
    On Monday I went to the doc's with my cousin because she needed to collect her medicine that ran out; tuesday I spent 6 hours at the subordinate court waiting to hear my non-yet-prosecuted-drug-addict cousin; wednesday I spent the whole day in town and caught up with a sister I've not met for sometime, ate, shop and ate lol; thursday I spent the whole day at the Ministry Of Manpower-work permit outlet to collect my maid's work permit only to know there're errors and I have to come down in 4 working days and TODAY! I went for Juma'ah caught a movie at my crib with a sister i'm truly close to and finally headed off to tajweed class together after Maghrib!
    Mash'Allah my schedule is not over! I'm going for a lecture tomorrow at Sultan Mosque at 2.15 so I'll be meeting the same sister at 11 am to have brunch and have our own quiet little time at the mosque till zuhr and finally the lecture; i don't know what's in store for tomorrow night though! YIKES! :S
    To end my week I'll be attending Sunday School (LOL, i make it sound like church); a madrasah class I attend weekly from 8-10.30 at Masjid Abdul Aleem Siddique. Subhan'Allah it's for my own good though!
    AND MONDAY! Tawheed class after Asr till After Isyk :)

    I'll be having no school till April so I think this is the best period of time to instill Islamic Knowledge in myself.
    I don't want my three months to be like my usual June/December Hols where I'll sleep at 4 am; Miss Fajr and Wake up for Zuhr. astgahfirullah! I'm trying my best to repent ;)

    It's tiring but Alhamdulillah because it's for a good cause I get an inner feeling of self-satisfaction.
    I'm either busy running from place to place to feed my hungry mind with knowledge OR I'm running errands.

    So Heh Insy'Allah I will update more often ya?

    Well you guys have nazzy wazzy!! :D

    iight saaalams ;)

    -A'qilah Saiere!- <3

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A'qilah's going BONKERS!

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