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Poor Poor naz

    (haha she looks awesome and hilarious loooll!! no i dnt look like that :( )
    haha salaamz
    i seem to be doing everything a little upside down today
    i went to school and everything was good my first lesson was a double oh and i forgot my book
    so i spent the lesson doing the work 4 a guy who let me use HIS book :s (i was bored and he was sleeping)
    afterwards i went outside and my friend bent down and i was playin with his hair then he randomly went like "aagh" and i got scared and hit my head on the wall (that got everyone laughing) lol then i went inside and spent 2 hours of a science lesson reading about a random saudi princess while my friend was asking me whether i knew my quran for tajweed class (the answer was no)
    afterwards i had to try and convince all my friends to go to afterschool french lesson with me
    YES IT WORKED or idve been bored halfway 2 death
    and the teacher anounced we had a test (trust me to go the day we have a test) but i copied my friend who was born in france and got an A (nt very naughty i knw but it was FRENCH cum on)
    oh and for some reason i didnt have my german book either
    and we spent the lesson talking about how cold germany is with the german assistant
    then when it was time to go home
    my awesome brother decided to leave me and we had a whole discusion on why he left me lyk an hour an a half later (i went lookin4 him)
    jus coz i said bye 2 him he said he thought i was gng with my frends my frends dnt even have cars ohmygod
    and when i finally went tajweed class i failed
    (bt the teacher didnt care THANK GOD)
    aah i keep doing everything wrong lately and now i have loads of homework to do
    so CIAO
    my random blogin folks :P
    nazzy wuvs u
    (my frend calls me nazi nd i gt in trouble coz of tht i had 2 explain he didnt mean HITLER NAZI sheesh)
    naz :)

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Poor Poor naz

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