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Racial Harmony!

    Reading naz's post on some cultural thingy she had reminded me of what we singaporeans celebrate; Racial Harmony Day on the 17th of July every year (If my memory doesn't fail me) LOL.

    It's somewhat similar. You see, Singapore is a country where it's multi-racial and multi-religious. We live in a multi-ethnic kinda cultural diversity.
    Let's just take a look at an example. I'm a MALAY; Muslim Singaporean Malay , yet I speak Mandarin, eat Pakistani food, I've got Indian Descent in me, My best friend's Christian Indian and I speak fluent English.

    From as young as we were in pre-school the government here has made it compulsory for all of us to commemorate this special day in remembrance of many racial comflicts that used to happen back in the past.
    It is to signify the importance of Racial and Religious Equality.

    So what do we do on Racial Harmony Day?
    Schools will allow students to come to school in their various ethnic costumes and the food served in the canteen will be the various ethnic dishes from the various ethnic groups.
    So if you happen to be in Singapore on this very day/week/month, don't be surprised to see students/teens dressed in the most colourful of outfits to school :D

    Honestly, Racial Harmony Day is one of the most celebrated events in Singapore; especially amongst students.
    Mine last year was HIP!! I'd love to post my pictures with my friends but unfortunately I wasn't in Hijab so naaaah :p

    though so I'll show pictures of the various ethnic costumes and food :D the next post ;)

    -A'qilah Saiere-

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Racial Harmony!

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