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My ideal day

    (arent waterfalls beautifull? )

    salaamz people

    sister aqilah must have alot on because she hasnt updated us in a while :( and im running out of things to say and trying not to kill the place lol

    so yeah back to the topic

    yesterday wasnt such an "ideal day" because some of my friends went to a really cool islamic lecture i wanted to go to but couldnt and the others went to a national anti israel demonstration which i wanted to go to but COULDNT because i had tuition im so sick of sidelining more "islamic" things for "worldly" thigns even if it is education but anyways it wasnt all bad my friends from the tuition place were there and we talked about the holidays bought junk food and had fun

    anyways the english teacher made us write about our "ideal day"and this is what i said and i thought i would share it with you guys then maybe some of you guys can tell me about your ideal day if you dont mind id enjoy reading :)

    On my ideal day in an ideal world i would wake up to the sound of the adhaan in the peacefull city of makkah, saudi arabia coming from the beautifull mosque at the Ka'ba

    view from mekkah and the house of allah ^ mashallah :)

    i would bathe and make wudu and get dressed and walk to the holy mosque to do my first prayer of the day there.

    then i would eat and study islam in the most blessed place and drink holy water from the beautifull river zamzam

    (this is a random river )

    later i would visit the bookshops and souqs and buy many beautifull things to wear and souvenirs to show my familly returning back to the holy mosque for the rest of my prayers
    then i would go home and spend the evening with my familly and end the night by reading from the quran and doing my isha prayers before waking up to yet another beautifull perfect day :)

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My ideal day

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