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    i cant take it anymore im tired ive done everything i could think of donated money attended countless protests signed every petition that came my way got around 60 students and teachers at school to text a mobile petition to free gaza prayed cried and finally did a sunnah fast for all the muslims wherever they are and the death toll is STILL rising the children are STILL dying the mothers are STILL crying and the brothers are STILL trying i cant help feeling utterly useless in whatever i do i cant help feeling completly guilty about everything i cant help feeling sick and disgusted at the muslim response (or lack of it) and i know this has been said before and i didnt want to keep repeating it but i cant help myself i dont know what to do sometimes i wonder if its worse to keep fighting or to give up sometimes i dont know what to think apart from enough ok stop no more holocoust no mre civilan deaths no more opression someone FREE PALESTINE some one FREE THE UMMAH someone help the dreams of 1.8 billion people come true
    some one please fight for truth for JUSTICE muslim or otherwise
    someone stop the killing and the endless crying and dying
    plz plz i beg you with all my heart donate as much as possible make dua after every prayer DO NOT forget the muslims not just gaza
    sign wteva petition do SOMETHING
    naz *

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