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10 things about NAZ :)

    salaam ive been tagged :)
    lol so ill do 10 things about me (ill make them pretty random)

    1) i think animals are cute from a distance but ill never get up close to see for myself coz im petrified

    2) im inlove with rings i get money i buy rings for £2 to £10 to more i dont care i have a ring to match every outfit
    and i love shoes
    and clothes -ive switched from pants to long skirts to abayahs and nw dey r my latest fave abayahs ( this is along number 2 so ill mve on)

    3) i get sidetracked easy

    4) im a huge palestine and somalia fan aswell as suporter of freedom 4 all de opressed muslims worldwide

    5) i cant cook and acording to my grandma that is a HUGE crime

    6) i managed to read FIVE big books in one day (locked myself in my room an entire afternoon and gt a headache afterwards)IM A BOOK FAN

    7) ive stopped drinkin hot chocolate due to a hot chocolate disaster by a friend who was trying to cheer me up and we are havin a "cultural food day" next friday and my friend is bringing hot chocolate that will be my first time for a couple of years

    8) i became "into" the internet after finding out about youtube (what i had a lot mre of an outside life before exams and islamicness ) :P

    9) i hate curly hair and i make sure my hair is straight all the time

    10) i used to be a huge coke fan but nw i swapped it for pepsi (tryin 2 boycot coke 4 various reasons)
    i buy one everymorning before school
    if i dont have one everyone looks at me like "are u naz?"
    owk salaamz

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10 things about NAZ :)

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