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A Story of a Nikah :)

    Story of a Nikah

    I was living with my mother and step father and siblings and attending university and led quiet a good life I was good with my studies and did well as well as making many friends at university when my best friend went on holiday to her home country and was in a car accident which was not her fault and my whole life seemed to become bleak and miserable after losing a trusted and good friend almost one of the family since a lot of my time was spent with her after the initial shock and sadness it seemed I had much more time to fill without my Best friend and I seemed to miss odd things about her. My Iman was not that high and I was not really a practicing Muslimah and with my mother being a Doctor and my stepfather an Engineer as well as owning different properties in our home country I led quiet a privileged life (we even had maids) and I was definitely not used to trials all this made losing my best friend THAT much harder I decided the best thing to do was to pretend nothing had happened which is obviously not easy and at university its not that hard to get in with the wrong crowd and end up doing all the wrong things shortly after I had made my what seemed at the time good decision to forget my worries and have some “fun” the student union organised some sort of party ( they always have a reason for one) I ended up trying cigarettes and smoking and although I didn’t like it , and knew all the health problems it could create (that’s what happens when your mums a doc) I wasn’t the least bit fazed and seemed intent on hurting my self though I am so glad I drew the line at alchohol as I believed it could lead to funny business with males (I was doing the whole feminist thing and believed I hated all men) during my weird phase I started lying to my sisters about why I smelled of cigarettes all the time (it only led them to spy on me) and the closest person to me at that time was my brother ,I love my brother and he seems to understand everyone (he is not perfect but he is definitely not a hypocrite or a judgemental guy) and he was the only person I told my problems to at the time I also seemed to have many disagreements with my mother though if there is one boundary no one in our family would ever cross it is with parents and therefore it was never really an issue
    Meanwhile things at university had changed Due to my best friend’s absence from the Dunya there was room for one more student in one of my classes and I hated him first because it seemed to me he had gained something from my loss and second because I was sure I detested all Males especially those who “advised” me.
    Thing kept happening and it seemed I couldn’t avoid this guy (due to being in my classes) and the fact that HE didn’t seem to want to avoid me.
    MashAllah he was good looking to me and he had nice manners he also prayed and fasted and it didn’t seem to bother him when people were doing “fun” things and he was no where to be seen afterwards we started speaking more and I finally gave in and gave him my msn we kept talking and got to know each other and I actually began to trust him and confide in him (to an extent) like I said he seemed like a good guy and I found out my little sister (well not so little really) was friends with his little sister (background check all finished) and I knew my family would approve but of course I was sure I had my entire life planned out and there was no time to get married in the middle of university and with so many other “inconveniences” that I went really strange and completely horrible to everyone I saw (the guy included) afterwards I decided I would let Allah tell me what to do and I would stop planning my whole life out because I cant control destiny and finally after much thinking and talking we decided we would get engaged have a wedding (the party) finish university due to the “dating whilst married thing” and move in after uni seemed like a plan and his parents met my parents and the fact that they already knew eachother ( we didn’t know that) made everything THAT much easier the only slight negative is because my family is really big and well known etc they insisted on a really huge wedding and no money was spared and it wasn’t very Islamic either but I had a great time and we went on a month long honeymoon cruise (you would never believe what strange things occurred on that cruise with other couples ) and got back to our lives
    And now alhamdulilah so far so good
    Im sorry its so long and I wouldn’t really like to share my pictures I hope you don’t mind
    But theres my story
    Your sister in islam
    Salaam J


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A Story of a Nikah :)

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