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Forced Post. LOL

    Let's stop being sad shall we? It's been a lil too depressing if you have read many of Muslimins' and Muslimahs' blogs. I understand that we've all been extremely upset over what's happening in Gaza but I must urge to my dear Muslims, we can't remain seated on our couch mourning. Whatever's happening should make us stronger. Walk not with your heads down, but with them up.
    We'll do this together insy'Allah. We will.

    Iight, breaking away from all that. I have a lil book review to make here.
    Seriously, to get a book review from me is CLOSE to impossible. I HATE books. I don't get along with them very well (that's the reason why exam periods are a nightmare for me)

    So I went "book-shopping" with a fellow sister last friday a lil after Jum'ah at a local mosque (WHAT AM I THINKING?! HOW CAN THE MOSQUE BE OUT OF THE COUNTRY?) Lols.
    We bought 4 books and two of which were my choice and the othe 2 were hers.

    While she wanted to find something that strengthens her imaan and anything related to the history of Islam. I was in search of something different. I chose a book titled "Why I Embraced Islam" Compiled by Ismaiza Ismail.

    I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK. It's the most inspiring book ever! Subhan'Allah. It's a collection of stories of our Muslim brothers and sisters who reverted to Islam from Christianity, Atheism etc and it's just amazinghow they describe each and every one of their journey.

    I am seriously in love with this piece of work, really. I've never actually realised how blessed I am to have been born in a Muslim family. Alhamdulillah.

    I mentioned in my other blog that I've lived in this world for 16 years but life began only when I started to embrace Islam as a whole 6 months ago.

    I wonder what i was doing 15 years ago, my parents aren't to be blamed; I was being a Jahil.
    But Alhamdulillah, I can't be more in love with Islam like how I am right now :)

    And should I not have taken Islam as an entirety (which it is; moderate Muslims should start realising that Islam is about taking it as an entirety not "alter-to-suit-yourself" kinda religion)
    I wouldn't have met my amazing sis, Naz :)

    -A'qilah Saiere-

    Anyway, remember my brothers and sisters; brace up for our Gazan Bros and Sisters need our support with that we can't go on crying. Jzk.

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Forced Post. LOL

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