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Tagged Nazs favourite things

    ( i love Pepsi ohmygod and its blue lol ;p im high i need to sleep)

    Favorite color:

    i THINK BLUE haha its such a cuute colour and my mum is havin a baby boy and all his stuff is Blue lol

    Favorite getaway place: My Room!! nt tht u can call it my room evry1 uses it
    maybe the bathroom (i luv my baths)

    Favorite perfume (guys): sumthin my bro wears i dnt knw wt its called smells gd lacoste pink :)

    5.Favorite perfume (girls):OHMYGOD all perfumes ya ilah am perfume mad dnt even ask my whole dressin table is filled with every type of perfume

    Favorite pj brand: I dont even wear Pjs

    Favorite clothes brand in general: YA Allah all clothes man tht look hott.

    Favorite person in the entire world: my baby brother who isnt even born yet luv ya darlin :) and the mother who will give birth to him

    Favorite country (not including your own): Australia/UAE

    Favorite car: am nt a car person

    Favorite sport: Haha are you kidding me ??

    Favorite sport player: NoN, not into sports!

    Favorite spot in America: NYC HELL YEAH!!

    .Favorite animal: eeew i hte animals all non-edible animals should be bannished
    Favorite movie: NAZ loves movies (ohmygod i was in a random movie bt it wasnt tht good )Favorite singer: My taste in music is universal arabic,somali,R&B,nasheed,Pop or wteva sounds nice even some regae (sry i cnt spell)

    .Favorite day in the week: mmmm.. Saturday i guess or friday ok WEEKEND

    Favorite time of the day: MIDAY i swear if its sunny and its the middle of the day my face goes :D nd i can do anything (provided its fun)

    Favorite holiday season: SUMMER (plz Allah let the winter go away)

    .Favorite number: dnt hve one i gt fve letter fve mnth bt nt fve number :( i dnt like numbers man

    .Favorite food: Somali food Pakistani food
    welcome aboard wteva tastes nice

    .Favorite chocolate: Chocolate hey hw can u ask a girl these things im in love with the word itself i used to hve a fve choc bt dnt even knw wt its called a lil expensive so ill say de normal ones Galaxy and kitty cat (KitKat)

    Favorite cartoon: The Simpons (ill nvr grow old of them)

    Favorite blogger: All bloggers who r awesome especially my muslima sisters yeey

    .Favorite Flavour Ice Cream: nt icecream person hw bout Magnum owyh nd dis other one duno wt its called its delicious (didnt i js say im nt an icecream person nd nw am gng YUMMY)

    .Favorite Mobile Brand: Sony Erricson and Samsung

    Fve name:Wteva naz is short for (this isnt even in de list)

    I TAG ms MODEST JUSTICE, ZARA (think ur already tagged tho), sis AMUSLIMAWIFE,AND *QUEEN* :D

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Tagged Nazs favourite things

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