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    Salaamz everybody

    how are you all today? inshallah i hope you are all in the best of health and Iman, anyways yeah im back from france and i kinda miss it a little bit but in a way im also very glad to be back ive been having fun since i came back and managed to hang out with my friends more, some of my cousins came with us from france and my sister is coming back soon :) i cant wait

    and ofcourse its nearly ramadan , also my aunt and my cousin are getting married and we finaly moved into our new house which is totally 100% amazing i love it and the weather in england has been great

    also ive found out for any somaliz on here the turkish tv show humus which became "nour" on mbc has been like dubbed in somali on somali tv "universal" and will start in ramadan so now you wont need 2 ask the arabic speakers in your family to translate evry word :) and you can watch it if you didnt watch it on mbc last year (i cant wait for it to start)

    another thing my cuzin was in an accident in egypt and has been pretty badly injured and is in a coma so please make dua for us , her family are going through some financial dificulties at the moment and shes in a private hospital because the public hospitals cant treat her and her father died recently so please make dua that Allah makes this easier for them and restores her to good health inshallah wed apreciate your duas greatly

    things like that put into perspective the silly things we usually moan about and the many great things like good health we take completly for granted.

    Alhamdulilah a thousand times over 3ala kuli shay

    may Allah bless us and guide us to the true path and forgive us our sins and purify our hearts and give us good health and iman this ramadan




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