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Unleash The Belly Dancer in You

    Salaaaaamz everybody
    yes ima explain yesterday i made a post about 10things about me right that was a tag from sis queen and i mentioned somewhere i feel fat
    and then everybody said " i feel fat" and "i feel fat" and those who didnt comment and say it said it in their head
    anyways yeah the reason that i managed to get my weight to "average" yeh was because last summer i mustve been intent on like being the laziest human being ever
    as i quit swimming and belly dancing
    i just generally like to dance i dont care if its belly dance street dance all dance (minus break dance as i will break sumthin) right and like before i was a hijabi i learnt belly dancing as a fun
    dance and activity to take part in
    anyways im pleased to say i got pretty good at it to be honest and i was like in the school dance group thingy and we did loads of different dances and we performed and did competitions with other schools across the country and area and stuff and me and my sister did belly dance together by ourselves as well as the group dances and won a couple of awards and stuff
    and performed in the royal albert hall in london (thats an awesome honor im soo proud *weeps*)
    lool anyways then afterwards i had this amazing religious thing happen to me where wait for it -I QUIT DANCE
    not just belly dance all dance
    and thenbut i kept belly dance because its literally the greatest and simplest way to excercise i mean come on put on some great music and dance in the privacy of ur own room and end up with a flat stomach i just did it for that
    then last year i stopped that coz i cudnt be bothered anymore
    anyways im not suggestin u wear revealin outfits *^ above
    and like do belyl dance like that
    but if u do join a girls only belly dance class its fun a way to lose weight and keep busy especially if ur staying in the country u live in for the summer
    and did i mention that its FUN
    so all u bellydancers
    COME OUT!! :)
    !) (wonderful middle eastern belly dancer u can defo learn from)
    2) turkish belly dancer)
    3) AND SURF THE NET :)

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Unleash The Belly Dancer in You

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