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Its Finally SUMMER<3 Birthdays,parties,holidays...

    its finally summer and im soo happy :)

    its my cuzins birthday today and inshallah ill be going to his birthday party later tonight

    people whos birthday is in summer are so lucky, everything is better when its summer the weather is better (usually) the days are loonger everything is more intresting and everyone is free to do whatever they want (for once)

    yes if you follow this blog ud know that my last post on summer wasnt that great because i had to cancel my holidays and i still dont get to spend the summer exactly how i wanted it BUT ive come to the conclusion that i will enjoy what i can coz it realli changes nothing if i walk around all depressed

    my cuzin "leila" went to north somalia/somaliland today but shes not gone just for the summer shes gone for the next 3 years , i cant imagine not seeing her for the next 3 years lol i think its meant to "straighten her out" but she was cool with going, thats what i like about her she makes a go of everything so hopefully shell have a nice time

    my other cousin Medina is coming back from some random eastern european country shes been studying in but first shes going to go france (which is where i will be at summer) so i made her book the same dates as me so we can come back and chill in the Uk together afterwards as well (her dad and everyone lives here) and itll be fun to have her around in france coz i dont know what ill be doing there coz my twin isnt cumin and i nvr do things without amal lol (tht prolly sounds ridicilous) but its true anyhows (she wont be there coz my whole familyz gng dubai and Africa bt noo i had 2 go get me a scholarship didnt i :S) anyways after my france trip when i get back ill be going to alot of weddings

    from what ive noticed evryone falls in love in the summer :)

    AND AND MY CUZINS GETIN MARRIED lol i reali cant beleive it for some reason

    and ill be going to loads of random islamic eventS :)

    like islam expo inshallah theen im gng 2 become like a saintly muslimah over ramadan inshallah

    anyways gotta go learn something now

    but hope u all have a great summer

    btw in france ima go shoppin nd shoppin nd seight seeing nd shopping nd bbq's lol



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Its Finally SUMMER<3 Birthdays,parties,holidays...

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