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Return To Bloggin- after slight period of hybernation :P

    Exams and stress have been the like entire cause for my hybernation from bloggin although im always here looking to read all your lovely updates, i erm have like nothing to blog about due to doing nothing apart from studying. i am happy because i got into the finals of a competition :) and i got an A* in a recent exam ( thats how sad ive become my news revolves around exam results) :P erm i knew i was going to do an exam in november but then the stupid board of education (otherwise known as board of torture) is forcing me to do an unwanted exam in novemeber aswell so im kind of stressing i have like 4 weeks left and everyone keeps telling me these are "life changing" exams (NOT helpful) so PLEAAAASE pray for me you guys inshallah.

    My mum is going on holiday soon inshallah for 2 months and the baby and im going to miss them so much , we are going to be staying here though and our cousin is coming to stay with us, i really cant wait until the end of my exams as i will finally have something to look forward to such as..

    and im really looking forward to the gpu this year if its even happening ive noticed that Islam expo didnt take place this year and im hearing no news about the gpu :(

    im also enjoying 2 great books

    i recommend you all read

    1) love in a headscarf (by a muslim sister who has a blog on here somewhere)


    2) Why men marry bitches by sherry argov (its awesome)

    and ofcourse the Lovely "Jacaranda secret" by sis ange :)

    im also looking forward to Eid again which is not far away (27th november)

    yes im really that desperate for anything to celebrate already im so BOOORED and tiired and stressed aagh i hate who ever invented exams

    pray 4 me you guys

    and ill hopefuly find something interesting to blog about




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Return To Bloggin- after slight period of hybernation :P

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