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Happy New Year 2010-London and the World

    Asaalamu Aleikum Everybody and a Happy New Year

    Hey everybody how are you all?, Happy NEW YEAR, inshallah may 2010 bring only goodness, i had fun, last night, the whole family met up at one of the aunts house, she cooked alot ordered take aways, and we all just ahng around and had a family gathering and got to catch up and talk and watch wedding videos and movies and stuff, and the boys bought loads of cakes and fizzy drinks and everyone got fat celebrating the new year, also my cousin got his licence so he went and took us out on his car, (we all thought we were going to die and came to the conclusion that whoever passed his driving test was a little drunk), then afterwards we went outside, saw the fireworks bought sparklers and fireworks watched the london eye stuff (from the tv) which looked totally spectacular jumped up and down when the clock hit 12 (weird tradition) and then did our own fireworks display. Happy New Year Everyone

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Happy New Year 2010-London and the World

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