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London/UK 2010-Snow Pictures

    ^which way to go?

    2010 has started off with a very cold,start and with lots of snow causing "disruptions",maybe for the goverment but i dont see anyone else complaining, anyways this means that we sorta get an extra long christmas/New years holiday since this country cant function with so much snow, and therefore schools and stuff are closed because roads are too icy and dangerous meaning Snow Ball fights and Snow men and Women and (the first Muslim Snowman and Snowoman :D) and i have been sitting home eating ice cream next to the radiator and drinking cappucino (you know the homemade ones?) whilst watching the Hills and One Tree Hill and eating biscuits for breakfast and watching the snow amaze me by getting heavier and heavier i MIGHT attempt to go outside later,inshallah
    Snow Day-*later*- Went out and visited my best friend , did talked did our nails, watched mean girls and ordered pizza and then went out and played in the snow and took lovely pictures (like lil kids) and went shopping in the snow :S? weird i know and just kept laughing and catching up and then later her dad brought me home and we had so much fun and now everyone at home i watching mean girls so i get to be on the computer? im really excited about my mum coming back tommorrow too and schools will be closed tomorrow too and probably for the rest of the week *huuge smiile* inshallah hope you all brits and europeans are enjoying the snow coz schools closing in scandinavia too :)
    Have a great time everyone
    lots of love

    P.S- i officially Declare Britain to be the worlds funniest country coz they just called the army because 1000 cars got stuck in the highway thanks to the snow haha

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London/UK 2010-Snow Pictures

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