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My weird feelings

    i will post later today, inshallah hopefully , i need to post, i need to rant, i think im going crazy, i missed this, i missed my readers, and friends , i missed writing down my feelings, my thoughts and what i did, somewhere along the line of me writing this blog lost its number one purpose,you guys with your sweet comments and kind hearts wherever you are in the world make me happy so happy, when everyone else isnt.
    @ Ms stupid suggestions-i can love so much, so deeply, and truthfully with all my heart, i can care for everyone, and some people make my life worth living, they are the ones i care about, i would die for, some people just bring bad news, to my life, they enjoy creating hurt and misstrust, they enjoy labelling others, and they enjoy ruining whats already perfect, they are the ones who ruin lives, all they do is hate, i hope to be rid of you, i hope you go away, i like my life and my family, until you came i hope you dissapear and you leave me alone, theres no point to smiling while you are here, dont ask me whats wrong with me , when all thats wrong with me is you, i cant wait until you dissapear.
    @ Mr my best friend-You are him 'the one', everyone is always talking about, you make me happy , you make me smile, you are beautiful and kind, i love it with all my heart everymoment you are around, you make evident to me there is good in the world, when im with you, the sun is always shining, and im always smiling, i dont want to be without you ever, i will definetly never replace you with ^ aboves stupid suggestions.@ Miss Memories- i saw you, in the street, i smiled at you and gave you a hug, it took you a long time to recognise me, and it took me a long time to recognise you, we risked saying hi to a stranger but we are not strangers , we found eachother, yesterday you came over, to my house, i was so happy all i did was smile, you are pregnant, i was at your wedding and it was the happiest day for me, i think you knew that too, i always wanted the best for you and i still do, now you are having some troubles and yesterday i wanted to tell you something, but i felt i couldnt maybe i was shy, maybe i thought you wouldnt care or it would be awkward, how could it be though? you lived with me, we were like sisters, we were friends we told eachother everything until that awful day, how did this happen to us?.

    @ My best friend ever Ms beautiful- im glad you excist what would i do without you? honestly i dont know my closest friend since childhood i dont have to tell you how i feel, thanks for being here
    :) wish it was in better circumstances
    with love

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My weird feelings

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