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Remember, I promised

    So we keep in touch, me and my sister (read two posts down if you don’t know what im talking about), and its unbelievable , we thought it would be awkward we wouldn’t be able to describe ourselves, she wouldn’t be able to know us, how we want her to know us, so many years 15/16 years have gone past, and even before that we only met once, that’s not how its meant to be she’s our sister, I cant begin to describe in words contained in the dictionary how much she means to me, how glad I am to have found her ecstatic, over the moon Wallah, im so grateful this time. She made me and my other sister closer too (if that was possible), I love them both, me and Amal are twins so naturally we look the same, but speaking to our sister on MSN, we shared pictures and swear to god she looks just like us, its amazing, fascinating (to us), people say well yeah your sisters, but still we think it’s the best discovery ever, im happy.

    She managed to print the pictures out, and show them to our grandmother and other family members we never met, sent her pictures of my mum and my brothers and everything aswell,maybe just maybe we can meet up this summer, was planning to go Saudi Arabia, where cousin naz is at but of course I had no idea about this, we are all so excited its unbelievable seeing them would be a dream come true, but of course there are problems as usual, Somalia is not safe we haven’t been there since we were five years old, and back then it was so much better then it is now, my mum will want me to go to he safer areas (North Somalia/Somaliland) or remote like village areas in south Somalia, thing is my sister lives in the capital (most dangerous area), and Somalia is huge, if I don’t go to the capital ill have to take a plane to visit them, waste of money? Risking your life? , my mum is trying to be helpful obviously but she doesn’t want us, to be in that situation , she left Somalia to make sure we never see guns, or bombs, we asking to fly right into the middle of it. Terrorists, drugs, guns, fighting, AU forces you name it, its all there, I just want to see my family, my grandmas getting old, it would mean the world to see her, to us and to her.
    Make dua for us J
    With love

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Remember, I promised

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