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Hay Fever, Parks and Ducks aswell as schools and seeing people

    Salaamz everybody!!!
    heya its me again!! you see i did say i was going to bother to blog again actually it feels pretty good to speak nonsense (:P)
    so yeah i did go to college today it was so damn HOTT im refering to the weather here and i was wearing a black scarf (genius i know) i actually my brother told me not to wear it and i said "what do you know go away"
    then we preceeded on to an argument about who knew what and which one of us was probably adopted from a planet full of aliens (its him i swear)
    and then i finally went to college everybody was late and i kinda had some crap-ish lessons and i was very tired but it was good to be back and see everyone again alot of people left and there were some changes but like it said it was good to be back
    but anyways theres this guy and we used to fancy eachother and i dont really know what we are to eachother anymore but yeah ok we are friends aparently and i found out he plays for the same weird football team as my brother which is fine
    but my brother has a reali strange weird friend who is somehw overly intrested in my relationship status i dont know why and its prety awkward and i know that he reali wanted to go see who the guy i used to like was
    anyways my brother told me they know eachother now and talk
    somehow im worried the topic of conversation is me and i dont think their lovely friendship will be a good idea
    my friends brother freaks me out
    and the other guy honestly i just wanna stay friends but ive kinda been trying to avoid both of them
    to no avail i saw both of them one i had 2 sit with for a 2 hour period and my lunch hour and the other i saw whilst attempting to go home in peace
    btw the funfair we went to yesterday is actualy hapenin nxt weekend so we just chilled at the park instead and i took pictures of ducks in the river
    some weird gypsie boys were atepting to harass me and noticing that i did not have my usual weapon with me (incredibly heavy bag) or high heeled shoes i preceeded to throw my warm-ish coke over them
    and after years or tkin the piss out of my twin sister for having hay fever
    i got it too
    oh wt an exciting summer *not*

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Hay Fever, Parks and Ducks aswell as schools and seeing people

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